Religious Values

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THE EFFECT OF RELIGIOUS VALUES TO THE BEHAVIOR OF SCHOOL STUDENTS Introduction Education is a learning that emphasizes the meaning of knowledge, skills and good behavior to someone who wants it. Education can be done by anyone. Education itself has a clear purpose that is to improve or develop a new generation in all aspects of a positive nature. According to the 1945 Constitution (Amendment Version) in article 31, paragraph 3 states that the purpose of education is "the government seeks and organizes a national education system that enhances faith and piety and noble morals in order to educate the life of the nation regulated by law". It is emphasized that the government has an obligation to improve some aspects that have been explained…show more content…
the process in question is the lack of religious values when in the learning process both outside and inside the classroom. Giving religious values is very important applied this can be a factor supporting maturity for them. It would be very useless if the students get good knowledge but the religious values they get are lacking. This will adversely affect the students. they will become students not know help friends, sympathetic, tolerance, mutual cooperation and others. But it would make them selfish, dishonest, arrogant, disrespectful to others even to their own…show more content…
In this globalization era, there are many challenges that must be passed together. Difficult indeed but not an obstacle to not be able to make it happen and surrender. The customs of religious values applied in class or school must be improved and developed in order to be structured and make the children understand how important this habituation is. Teachers are in essence a real example for students at the school as well as out of school. Be a good teacher in order to make good student behavior as well. Teachers who do not have good behavior should be evaluated so as not to become a negative virus that is easily absorbed and in the example by the students who will have a negative impact on their life in the future. In addition, the more important course of the role of the old people who always keep an eye on his child if he was at home and in his environment and not to eliminate the habitual habits of values that have been given the missing school. if the students are already at home should parents take them to activities that are the good direction? such as worshiping in mosques, following social services and others. Parents in addition to supervising should be an example also for their

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