The Importance Of Family Planning

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India stands second in the world in terms of population after china and the population of India is still growing exponentially. It is presently sustaining 17 % of world population on 2.4% of total surface area of the world. Currently the population has grown upto 121 million. Although family planning programme has been in place from 1950’s, there is still a large unmet need of family planning. Though data is not available for all countries this unmet need is about 13% in south asian region and about 24% in African region as per WHO (1). In our country about 65% of women have an unmet need of family planning during first year, post partum (2). This can be attributed to low level of knowledge, misconceptions and false myths regarding spacing methods specially for Cu-T , limited availability of medical facilities. Also due to scarcity of available medical resources, immediate post partum period offers a unique opportunity both for health care worker and patient to plan for contraception. Intrauterine contraceptive device is not only reliable but also reversible method of contraception. About 127 million people worldwide are using IUDs…show more content…
Major complication noted during follow up was irregular or excessive bleeding during menses which was seen in about 45 (15%) of women. Further counselling was done in such women and treatment in the form of mefanamic acid (500 mg TDS) was provided during this period. Another complication noted was that of missing IUD thread seen in 30 (10%) women. Pelvic ultrasound was performed in such women and IUD expulsion was confirmed in 15 women. Remaining had coiled threads and re insertion after removal of IUD was done. No incidence of uterine perforation was noted. Lower abdominal pain was noted in 18(6%) of women. Treatment in the form of antibiotics and analgesics was given to these women. No incidence of misplaced IUD was

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