Corruption Depicted In The Film 'Doubt'

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The film “Doubt” is set in 1964 at a Catholic elementary school. The school has just admitted its first Black student, a 12-year-old boy named Donald Miller. The principal, a hard disciplinarian nun, and the parish priest are both concerned for the boy's welfare as the new minority student. The nun, Sister Aloysius, is informed buy the new teacher, Sister James, of the possibility of an improper relationship between Donald and the priest, Father Flynn. When questioned by the nuns, Father Flynn denies that there is any misconduct on his part. Sister Aloysius becomes convinced that the priest has, or is planning to have, an improper relationship and is determined to force him to leave the school and church altogether. Sister James is not convinced and is caught in the middle of Sister Aloysius’ plans. When Donald’s mother is informed of the problem that Sister Aloysius believes to be unfolding Donald’s mother begs for the situation to be left alone. She fears for her sons life if he is to get in trouble because of his abusive father. Donald’s mother also knows that if her son can get though the year at the elementary school he will have a chance at a better education in the future. Even though the priest my have unusual intentions, she is relieved that at…show more content…
Sister Aloysius was wrong to force Father Flynn to leave because there was little evidence to convict him. Since there is a of the lack of evidence I would have handled the situation by allowing Father Flynn to stay, but keeping a close eye on Donald to ensure his safety. If Father Flynn is allowed to stay he is not punished for a crime that he may have not committed. I think that in this case it is important that Father Flynn remain innocent until proven guilty because Sister Aloysius says to Sister James that her only evidence is her

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