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Education: An Overview Education is an integral part of human development. Since time immemorial, emphasis is being given to education, its implementation and its progress. Indian civilisation and culture has always given a very high position to the Educators or the teachers. In our culture teacher is given the position similar to God as he also nurture his disciples in all the areas of life. In ancient times, Gurukul System of Education prevails in India in which the child from his early childhood is sent to the gurukuls or ashramas and there was a direct contact in between the teacher and taught throughout the period of education. Apart from learning the essential subjects, the disciple was also taught the moral and ethical values of life…show more content…
With the advent and progress in the field of science and technology, many new educational technologies are evolved. The earliest ones were the audio aids followed by the audio visual aids and then the new aids followed. Now we are having a number of technologies that not only provide help to the educators but also facilitate easy, effective and result oriented learning. Some of the examples are Smart board, Interactive Media, e-content etc. These technologies when utilised wisely can do wonders in the teaching-learning process. Present Scenario Of Education: No doubt, the horizon and the scope of education is widened but the basic aim of education that is an all round development of an individual is lagging behind. Nowadays we are having a variety of resources available and the updating of knowledge on the part of educator is also quick and handy .Lot of emphasis is laid on result oriented teaching by all the governing bodies but in this competitive and ever demanding world of education, somewhere we have failed to achieve our objective that is an all round development. In present scenario, we can easily observe the lack of moral values and ethics in the children. Essence Of Education: Our present generation is literate but we can’t give them the position of Educated as an educated person should possess the following…show more content…
As quoted by Mahatma Gandhi, “By education , I mean the all round drawing out of the best in child and man-body, mind and spirit.”. Same thoughts regarding education were given by Pestolozzi, a great educationist who said “Education is a natural, harmonious and progressive development of man’s innate powers”. So our education system should be such that it inculcates moral values in individuals and help them to become the responsible citizens of our

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