Essay About Myths About Cars

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10 myths about cars. Probably there is no person who does not know someone who says: "They do not make cars like before," or ensuring that a giant truck is safer than a small car, or who gets off the car to kick the tires to see if they are inflated to the proper pressure. All these myths about cars and others, were and are a matter for discussion between fans and car fans, it had to leave a few more out but this is the list of the 10 Myths most famous, ridiculous cars and Explanation. 10. Use cosmetic bands This famous "miracle" product is used when one of the bands of the car begins to scream or make noise. While it works at first, the problem does not solve it completely. Auto bands are strained to avoid slipping and pulleys to move all at the same time but eventually (as are rubber) tend…show more content…
Yes it is proven that the mothballs increases octane fuel but to less than 90 octane, which is not much (using premium gasoline, you would be lowering the octane) further considering that the waste can clog fuel lines and / or injectors , resulting in a more expensive repair. 4. The cars explode on impact This myth is the product of many Hollywood movies in which an impressive chase ends with a car crashing into another (or a wall, or practically anything) and exploiting dramatically. While they are quite volatile when ignited, do not explode on impact. Yes there are many cases where after a collision gasoline spills and a spark is lit but will never see a car impacted and explode. It may be that yes out a 'flash' but it is only when ignited very quickly. The evolution of cars has also been concerned about making sure that this is impossible, providing of safety interlocks in the same tank or systems that cut the flow of a car crashing to avoid sparks that could ignite the fuel. 3. bigger, faster Motor
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