Narrative Essay: My Best Friend

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After I send my bro, I go to my destination to the mall. As I parked my car at the parking lot and entered the mall went to some store to buy something for my best friend. I don't know why I feel like I want to buy something for him. Maybe because of his the only one best friend I have. I entered the clothes shop. I search the clothes in the store that suits him. Then a man comes to me, " Yes sir, can I help you? ". He smirked and wink at me. " Err... I'm searching clothes for my friend". I smile awkwardly at him. " Oh.. Follow me, I will show you what suits for him," he said and took my wrist and lead me to the place. " Okay take a look, then " I nod and look all the clothes that are hanging in the store. I saw the clothes suits for him, then I take the clothes.…show more content…
Ermm.. You won't buy clothes for yourself?" the guy asked. Why I didn't think that guy work here, maybe because of his uniform not like other workers. " Ermm I think you were right, I should buy clothes too," I said and take the clothes hanging on beside me. " Oh.. It suits you, take a try," he points the fitting room. I entered the fitting room and take off my clothes to try the clothes I choose. In the mid of change, someone knocking the fitting room door. I quickly wear the clothes and open the door. The guy abruptly entered and close the door. I went into shock and didn't move because his appearance looks so hot. My heart beats faster than usual when he suddenly leant close to my face. My heart keeps faster when he comes to my lips and I can feel his lips already touching mine slightly. His lips feel so soft against mine and his breath is all over my face now, it made me feel goosebumps. When I feel that his lips he's about to kiss me, I immediately push his chest lightly before adjusting my body again and wipe my
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