Powers Of President Essay

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ESSAY TWO Topic: "Describe the powers of the President as defined in the Constitution and explain how these powers have expanded throughout US History to create the modern presidency." In the United States Constitution, there are three branches of government (legislative, executive, and judicial) with each given specific powers as well as “checks” (abilities to moderate the powers of the other branches). The President belongs to the executive branch, and their primary responsibility is executing and enforcing the laws as laid out by the legislative branch. The president of the United States is elected for a term of four years, and he is elected along with a vice president chosen for the same term. Should the president die, or become unable…show more content…
Furthermore, the president has powers to make treaties, provided that he has the advice and consent of two thirds of the Senate, and also with the Senate’s approval he can appoint ambassadors, Supreme Court judges, and other official appointments. The President also has the power to appoint officials during recesses of the Senate, but those appointments only last until the conclusion of the Senate’s next session unless ratified by that body. The president is required to give a State of the Union address “from time to time”. Originally, this was addressed just to Congress, although with the development of technology it is now given over media to the general population as well. The President has the power to recommend measures that he or she deems “necessary and expedient”. President Kennedy did this shortly before his assassination with regards to the Civil Rights Movement, which proceeded through Congress even after his death. The President can also call both houses of Congress into session if circumstances require. The President is responsible for receiving all foreign ambassadors, which gives him a lot of power with international
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