African Enslavement In Colonial America

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During the time period of 1619 to 1750, America deprived millions of African natives of their home to perform slave labor, work with no with no pay but with intense conditions. To understand why America committed such a monstrosity, the causes must be presented. Throughout this time period, African enslavement in colonial America had economic and social causes. The backbone of Colonial America’s economy was slave labor. Intensive labor for no fee was bound to make any business function better. But how did slave labor come about? In 1619, The natives of Virginia were desperate for food producing labor (Zinn). The economic situation of this location was to produce enough food just to survive. Their options for labor aid were limited. The Native…show more content…
There was only one option that presented itself: African slaves. This was perfect the perfect labor option for the colonists. Already in 1619, millions of African natives were brought to South America by the Portuguese and Spanish (Zinn). Why not to the colonies? As time progressed in Virginia, a choice emerged between picking laborers. A colonist could either hire servants, who were cheaper than slaves but left after seven years, or slaves, who were more expensive but labored for life (Davidson, 74). Jumping to 1682, Carolina, the first slave state, had settlers who believed that Africans were better than white indentured servants because Africans did not require too much investment (Johnson, 73). However, the white settlers of Carolina recognized that they had a dependency on the Africans. In a Carolina promotion

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