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The president of the United States is often considered the most powerful person in the world. He has the constitutional authority, also known as presidential powers, which are those given to the president by Article II of the United States Constitution. These powers allow the president to carry out the duties of the office. They include, “the authority to appoint judges, ambassadors and other high-ranking government officials, veto legislation, call congress into session, grant pardons, issue proclamations and orders, administer the law, and serve as the commander in chief of the armed forces.” These powers are known as the president’s specific powers because they are given to him specifically by the constitution. There are also other powers given to the president by the constitution, they are not stated, but implied by other powers that are expressed.…show more content…
He is Chief Diplomat; meaning he is the representative of our nation and our foreign policy leader, he appoints and receives ambassadors and he negotiates treaties and executive agreements, with senatorial approval. The president acts as the leader of his political party. He is the Chief legislature; he signs bills into laws and sets the agenda. As Chief executive he executes the laws that are passed by congress and signed into law, he also hires head of bureaucracy and gives executive orders. As Commander in chief; he acts as head of the armed forces, although Congress has the right to declare war and fund our nation, the president decides how the military will act. With such great power and responsibility it is important to understand how a president makes the decisions that affect our
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