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When thinking about the hip hop and music industries there are two main forms of art works that come to mind for me. After learning about many arts that contributed to the music era the two that had intrigued me the most were watching the Planet Rock video during the America Revived era; relating to the mural painted by Keith Haring’s “Crack is Wack” in 1986. The other is the film Saturday Night Fever; 1977. I feel as if they both made a significant impact on the music industries between the years of 1970-1980’s. The film Saturday Night Fever, starring John Travolta is about a 19 year old boy trying to better his life and follows his talent with another young women for a new beginning. The movie was of such a success that in 1978, Andrea Passafiome compiles on TCM, Sesame Street records an album called Sesame Fever with the story line of disco taking over the neighborhood. In 1980 Zucker brothers comedy smash Airplane! Also creates an imitation of Saturday Night Fever. In October of 2008 a study conducted by the University Of Illinois recognized the song used in Saturday Night fever “Staying Alive” has 103 beats per minute proving to help increase the success rate for medical workers during CPR. Saturday Night Fever’s success helped to shape the pop culture for years. The radio began to…show more content…
Keith Haring’s personal connection and inspiration for the painting came from nearly losing a studio assistant from a crack addiction in 1984. Keith Haring had to appear in court because of the vandalism he was fined $25 due to the judge understanding the good intentions behind the painting. At a later date an unknown individual had defaced the mural to say “Crack is it”. After the parks department caught wind of this new message being sent out they invite Haring to repaint the illegal mural as well as the other side as well as seven other

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