Juan Peron

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Juan Peron Usually in history writing essays about a specific question leads to unnecessary information that opposes the initial question. The question is, “What factors influenced the rise and fall of Juan Peron?” One could not understand the question if they don’t know who Juan Peron is. He is a Latin American Populist leader, born October 8th, 1895 in Lobos, Buenos Aires, Argentina. His family was lower middle class, his parents were Mario Peron and Juana Toledo and he had a brother. He entered a military school college at the tender age of 16 and excelled and sports and progressed through officer ranks but did not excel on academics, yet he had an interest in politics and almost everything that dealt with the government. As Peron graduated, after being in college for two years, he rose to be a military observer and later a politician who was a strong president of Argentina three times. The question at hand…show more content…
Many would think since Juan Peron was the Argentina President the essay would include the history of Argentina, it will, this is just an effort to keep the start of “factors” in mind. There are multiple reasons that would answer the question, yet some factors that lead to his initial power are the factors that lead to his fall in power as well: the growth of nationalism, church, labor, military, and political institutions. The growth of nationalism, political institutions, and relations to the military and labor are important factors to the rise of Peron’s power. The church, labor, and the government are important factors to the fall of Peron’s

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