Power Tactics In Organizational Behavior

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What is power tactics? Power tactics do people use to translate power bases into specific actions (TEXTBOOK). These might include influencing bosses, co-workers or employees. There consist of nine distinct power tactics. First of all, legitimacy, relying on authority position or saying a request accords with organizational policies or rules (TEXTBOOK). The leader has the right to tell others what to do and the employees are obligated to comply with the orders (Bateman and Snell, 2014, p.411) because they accept the legitimacy of the position, whether they like or agree with the request or not. The second point would be rational persuasion, in which the way that the boss presenting the logical arguments and factual evidence to demonstrate…show more content…
The boss will rewarded the subordinates by given some benefits or favors in exchange for certain request. Leader can influences other because he or she is control the valued reward, so the people will comply with the leader to wish to receive those reward. Toyota company is the example in reward power. Chief Engineers are selected based on their history of excellence in leadership and them successful on the last program. For this position, Toyota engineers have to prove that they have demonstrated exceptional technical engineering capability at Toyota. Toyota using remuneration, which means the organization has systematically reward efforts that can support the organization’s direction (Bateman and Snell 2013, p. 36). Chief Engineers are selected based on their history of excellence in leadership and to encourage the engineers works differently to solve the problem in effective and efficient way. After they succeed, the organization will raise their position. Chief Engineers have much more training and exposure across the several engineering specialties than most other engineers at Toyota (K.Liker 2004, p. 180). By applied the remuneration, engineers in Toyota will work harder and prove they have the abilities for the higher positions so they have the chance in exposure to gain more knowledge in working. In other words, quantity and quality of outputs in Toyota will be increases and employees will be…show more content…
When someone arouses our enthusiasm for an issue by hitting on what we value or what we want to become or obtain, they are using inspirational appeal. Think of someone telling you that “if you continue to work hard and put in the effort, there will be a promotion for you”, that person is tapping aspirations to get a better job with more pay. Many managers and motivators use this type of power. Such as Apple company. When Steve Jobs ran Apple, he had reward power in the form of raises and promotions in order to encourage the subordinate to work more harder for the company. Another example of reward power comes from Bill Gross, founder of Idealab, who has the power to launch new companies or not. He created his company with the idea of launching other new companies as soon as they could develop viable ideas. If members could convince him that their ideas were viable, he gave the company a maximum of $250,000 in seed money, and gave the management team and employees a 30% stake in the company and the CEO 10% of the company. That way, everyone had a stake in the company. The CEO's salary was capped at $75,000 to maintain the sense of equity. When one of the companies, Citysearch, went public, all employees benefited from the $270 million

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