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we talk about Giant company like Coco- Cola it needs to be all the more innovative based on the increased awareness of consumer health concern. The Indian subsidiary Coca Cola company said on Friday (06.12.15) it may have to close some bottling plants if the Government pushes through a proposal that would subject all the Fizzy Drinks to a 40% “Sin” tax, as a part of the broader fiscal overhaul. The beverage maker, which operates 57 companies bottling plants across India, said in a proposal that all sugary sodas with this higher taxes would hurt demand of drink leading to a sharp decline in consumer purchase. In these circumstances the giant company “Coca Cola” India says that they have no option but either to shut-down certain factories…show more content…
published the latest Innovative Index which confirms that Coca cola continues to be innovative with score of 78% and leads the ranking of innovation performance of food and beverages companies. This Index is based on the feedbacks of the consumers depending on the tangible benefits which are obtained by the companies product.[] Corporate Sustainabililty Coca cola initiated “ Commitment 2020” plan for its corporate sustainability which included goal for next 10 years for minimisation of water usage, reduction in the carbon footprint by 15%, retrieval 100% of packaging and increase in the recycling campaign. Coca cola vision for 2020 is to double its global servings per day to 3 billion from 1.6 billion and also double system revenue and improve margins which will create solid shareholders returns over a 10 year period if it is pulled off as planed.[] Coca cola publicised its new plastic bottle partially made from plastic in 2009. Plant bottle is completely recyclable which is made from combination of petroleum-bases and plant-based materials.Here Coca cola have made an innovative product as Coca Cola Company is the first one to introduce beverage bottle with the recycled plastic focusing on the sustainability of its packing of…show more content…
For this Coca cola using its remarkable strategy of innovation which enables to excel and grows despite tough market competition and pressure. Also to remain the leader of the market Coca-Cola should produce different kinds of products targeting different segment of the market especially in the baby boomers’ market. In fact in such challenging circumstances they may have to be more innovative in terms of the branding, promotional, methodology, taking the instantaneous nature of a consumer behaviour as a bench mark of market promotional

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