Enron's Ethical Disposition

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Intro Timothy 6:10 from the bible states “For the love of money is the root of all evil” Indeed the need for wealth can invite an individual act out with than tasteful behavior. After all, it is the reason why people rob and steal, why both women and men prostitute themselves and why a corporation can turn to morally unethical business practices; the bigger the risk, the bigger the buck and (TRANSITION) the bigger the fall. Unfortunately, working a regular job while making an honest living just doesn’t work for everyone; some people have a greedy disposition. Interestingly enough, this disposition can involve entire corporations… (Book terms) Cults of greed or corporate cult-like organizations are constructed a foundation of money and power. These organizations engage in crimes that parallel all other cult organization; (characteristics of a cult) Enron became a corporate cult ever since they stripped their employees of individualism, used money and power to influence criminal behavior, and used brainwashing to invoke control. lure Individualism The indoctrination into the United States Army is comparable to the Enron Corporation induction. A recruiter’s mission is…show more content…
The ideology of a cult-like() is to get the subject to only believe that the organization has everything that a person needs in life...ADD MORE FROM WEB PAGE THEWISELOTH. Jeffery Skilling claimed to be the smartest man in the room but he was really the most egotistical narcissist idiot to step foot in a corporation. He walked the walk and talked the talk. He came into Enron and influenced the employees at Enron in the same way Jim Jones had back in the late 1700’s. Jim blaah, blah blah as well as did Skilling. Jim blah, blah as did Skilling. The only difference is 900 people committed suicide under the leadership of Mr. Jones and (HOW MANY) lost their jobs, (HOW MANY) lost their pensions and one (NAME) took his life. (STATISTICS of cult corporations) Money influenced criminal

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