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Comedic would not be something someone would think of when describing a Holocaust movie, yet this film manages to be both a comedic film and a film that touches upon the Holocaust. Having seen this film before I had always considered it one of my favorite films of all time. Then Professor Blankenship brought up the fact that because this film tries to be both comedic and a Holocaust film it makes him and many other people conflicted. I can see his point as to this can be extremely controversial but it wasn't something that I ever thought about since I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. Although this movie is comedic, it is not joking about the Holocaust. Some viewers and movie critic might disagree and argue that the main character's attitude and…show more content…
The brakes on the car end up malfunctioning and they end up going through a crowd of people that are awaiting the king. As he tries to move them out of the way and tell them that their brakes aren't working, the crowd believes that he is giving them the fascist salute but they end up realizing that he was not the king. Watching this in class I started thinking if Italy really did have a king during World War 2 or if it was just something that was added to the movie for comedic purposes. I ended up finding out that Italy did have a king during this time and that Mussolini had allowed him to stay as a figurehead. This was just interesting to me because Mussolini seems like the type of guy that doesn't like to share power and would have probably had the king executed to eliminate any threats to his rule. Later on in the film, we see three men run away from Guido's uncle's home and Guido and Ferruccio find Eliseo on the ground with a couple of his belongings broken. I get the impression that these men did not break into Eliseo's home to steal anything but instead they broke in to attack him and break some of his…show more content…
We then see towards the end of the film that the doctor reappears but we are shown that he works for the Nazis at the concentration camps. They recognize each other and Guido gives the answer to the riddle that the doctor left him with. This perhaps causes the doctor to remember their friendship and it could be the reason why Guido is able to pass the health exam and live another day. Having watch further into the movie there is a scene where another waiter comes running to tell Guido that something has happened to this uncle. I already started to guess that it had to be some type of antisemitic attack. The movie shows that someone has painted his uncle's horse green and wrote "Jewish horse" on it. Guido tries to downplay the situation with humor and his uncle gives him an annoyed look. The uncle even tells Guido to get used to this type of thing and that eventually, they'll come for him next. This made me think about similar events that would happen here in America both in the past and right now. In the past, people would try to intimidate black people by vandalizing their property and physically attacking

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