Describe A Cult-Like Organization

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In an economy that has faced great depressions and a deficit of trillions of dollars, it is no surprise that people have grown to not trust the stability of their finances. The need for wealth can invite an individual to behave with less than tasteful behaviors. One company went down in history as a corporation that decided to break all the rules of ethical business conduct to chase the dream of financial prosperity. Unethical accountancy practices, immoral persuasion tactics, and a culture that bred pure evil are simple ways to describe a cult-like organization. The Enron Corporation and their leadership style represent a great example of how the leadership and business practices can mimic that of a cult. Cult leader Jim Jones, responsible…show more content…
Our past experiences and background create our sense of individuality . A recruiter’s mission is to gain the trust of the potential candidate while () erasing their individualized thoughts. This form of cult brainwashing becomes necessary in order to convince its investors that there were no problems and Enron remained in good health. This all while their stock prices dropped by over 50% and they hadn’t managed to successfully do anything to earn positive cash flows. Although more than just a shady culture; they represented Hofstede’s five cultural dimensions on steroids. The film quoted an employee as saying, “We would never leave” referring to how the Enron structure kept them from their families and a minimal life outside of Enron for that matter. In order for a leader to alter the way an individual think they first need to make the individual believe they have their best interest and no one else does. Isolation therefore is used to discourage outside influences. Individualism is a moral, political, and social philosophy, which emphasizes individual liberty, the primary importance of the individual, and the "virtues of self-reliance" and "personal independence" (psywikia). In other words, individuality remains the core of our beliefs as a person. The individualized characteristics would lend a person freedom to make their own decisions; decisions that rely on the truth in…show more content…
Not only did they spend millions on lavish parties and gifts, they made sure that their events were over the top; they …(EXAMPLES) nytimes. A child from the streets, watching a drug dealer flash his money and ride in expensive cars, the society of young adults who watch celebrity lifestyle’s and dream to be them or even the young girl who develops an eating disorder all because she obsessed with being the model on the front of the magazine. The child doesn’t witness the drug dealer’s life behind bars, celebrities’ fans don’t see the hard work or downfalls it takes to be a star, and the magazine covers are deceptive in the fact that they airbrush the models body giving her an non-realistic view of a woman. But unfortunately, people are all about the bells and whistles. They are like babies who love shiny things. Perception…(Find book references). . The first level of an organizational analysis studies the individual (Book 5); It’s at this level all the way up to their social, economic and even ethical beliefs where an individual’s perception is manipulated and therefore controlled. There’s only a slight difference between a regular cult organization and a corporate cult organization; the bait. Executives at Enron we more than compensated for their

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