Positive Outlook Research Paper

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Many people say that a positive outlook on everything in life will get you farther along in life than the negative people. I agree with them, but I also believe that a positive outlook does not have to come about in your comfort zone. You may not even know what you’re getting into, and you’ll still have a positive outlook and enjoy every minute. The beauty of a positive outlook can be seen most often in children, cheerful and without a care in the world. I was that Positive-Outlook Child, and if it weren’t for that positive attitude as a youngster, I wouldn’t be in the good place I’m in today. * * * * * Imagine a seven-year-old girl, in a bright pink Speedo swimsuit, a white swim cap with an alligator smack in the middle, and some cheap orange goggles that had lived at the bottom of the lost and found bucket most of the season. She’s a little chubby, and seems angry with her mother for dragging her all the way to the edge of this pool. Now imagine this girl at age 13, with a Nike suit designed for speed. A swim cap that reads FST Championship Team, and tinted goggles designed for racing, which probably cost more than your cell phone. This same girl is chatting joyfully with her friends, who, by the way, are all toned, fit, and very active. How did this transition come about? Well, you see, that seven-year-old girl was still in her…show more content…
But the coaches were skeptical about letting a seven-year-old who had only just joined the team show the other kids how to do something as complicated as a flip turn. Looking back on this experience now, I’m grateful they hadn’t let me show off my “skills”. Who could even imagine the horror and embarrassment that would have occurred! Nevertheless, I had a positive attitude, so I worked through the practice that would soon become known as “The Worst Practice Of My Seven Year Old Life”. I never wanted to go back to that
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