Lynn Johnston's Use Of Comedy In 'Bif, Pow !'

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Alexandria Biden 12/10/14 Professor Sanders 211x Personal Comedic Inputs Comedy comes in many forms and styles, and relates to different people based on the content. Comedy does more than just entertain and make people laugh; it can also help provide change in the world in a way where people will listen. One way to make that happen is that comedians will use relatable comedy to connect with their audience. However, in this instance comic strips use this tactic to also show the world that they aren’t alone and life can suck sometimes. People just need to learn they aren’t the only ones and it’s time to live with the bumps in the road. For Better or Worse, a long time classic comic strip, has done this for years using common everyday struggles…show more content…
They have gained increasingly serious attention in recent years and in the field of comic studies has had a similar upward trajectory. Publications of scholarly writing on comics continue to also expand (Comic Studies). In 1979 Lynn Johnston started running the comic For Better or For Worse chronicling the lives of a Canadian family, the Pattersons, and their friends. The story is set in the fictitious Toronto-area suburban town of Milborough, Ontario (Johnston). In the beginning Johnston uses the strips title as a reference to the marriage service found in the Anglican Book of Common Prayer as well as the wedding ceremonies of other faith traditions… “To have and to hold from this day forward, for better or for worse, for rich or for poor, in sickness and in health…” starting a life of a new couple and the struggles in…show more content…
However they still print reruns of this all time classic in the papers and the humor never dies. Of course times change as people learned to adapt to this modern world evolved through time but the concept of the comic as a whole still helps put ease to all the young adults trying to find a living in this world to become a unique individual. Once Johnston’s work ended other works on paper as well as film took this style of comedy to use as it thrown into almost every strip in modern times, as well as sitcoms seen on television. Now after a couple years of this relatable and hilarious work we are beginning to change courses as we look now down the paths toward tragic comedy. But till then we rely on the

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