Essay On Positivity

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As hatred is an overwhelming theme in today’s society, the need for positivity is more crucial than ever. Looking at a glass half full rather than half empty in all aspects of life is an automatic advantage. Positivity has not only been proven to fight off viruses and change the way our brains operate, but also has made everyday tasks more enjoyable as an increase of endorphins are constantly being released when positive thoughts are produced. Positivity and an optimistic outlook has proven to affect health, psychology, and neuroscience ("Positive thinking"). Neuroscience and neuroplasticity ( a science dealing with the structure or function of the nervous system and brain) has shown once the brain is flooded with positive thoughts it can develop, shape, and change form (Zmijewski). In addition to neuroscience another important topic in the study of positivity includes psychology. Psychology is the study of the brain, mind, and behavior. Psychology has many underlying topics including the health of people's brains and bodies. Having and obtaining the correct amount of positivity and optimism can be even more important than something like putting sunscreen on daily... yes that important. In a number of cases positivity has shown to improve immune systems, ward off illness, and can…show more content…
Neuroscience shows that positive actions and emotions in the brain can help boost health, achievement, and can help buffer and block depression and anxiety. In addition to this, positivity can change and alter the brain to ultimately provide a healthier brain and stronger support system (“Positive Neuroscience”). Neuroscience proves that optimism and positivity can change an individual's brain structure and affects one's brain. In addition, neuroscience can affect the health of an individual's brain when evaluating the amount of
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