Remotely Operated Vehicle Competition

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Four students at Carl Hayden Community High School of the robotics team face many obstacles individually and collectively as they struggle to build an underwater robot for an annual competition. This Marine Advanced Technology Education Center’s Remotely Operated Vehicle Competition is against colleges that receive thousands of dollars for it, and this group of students manage to only raise $800 from donations. Lorenzo, a member of the team, faced a challenge of transitioning from the underachieving student to an exceptional one. Lorenzo, Luis, Cristian, and Oscar raised a total of $800, and that was not nearly as much as what it would take for the most desirable, capable robot for the competition. In the magazine article it is stated that, “Despite the donations, they were still on a tight budget.” In paragraph 19 it also states that, “It was a bold idea…A leak could take the whole system down.” The team had to find…show more content…
An example of this is when the team was forced to purchase PVC pipe instead of glass syntactic flotation foam, but needed a ballast to control the stability of the robot. This was not guaranteed to function, because one tiny malfunction could destroy their chances. They had to figure out a way to create this robot with less money and a extremely high rate of it not functioning correctly, against other teams who did not have these problems. Lorenzo faces the problem of being stuck with the reputation of being part of a gang and a student who never puts in effort for school. In the beginning of the story, Cameron, a teacher, was surprised to see students who wanted to participate in the contest, and even more surprised that a “kid like Lorenzo” showed up at the meeting. In the article Joshua Davis tells us about Lorenzo saying, “…He’d been a member of a gang. When his friends started to get arrested for theft, he dropped out. He didn’t want to go to

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