Ballet Vs. Hip-Hop: Dance In The Italian Renaissance

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Ballet vs hip hop Certain believe that dance is not only sequences of movements created by the body, but that it is a clear reflection of the soul. For humans, dance was always a way to express their thoughts and emotions. With time, it also became an art, sport and a cultural divertissement. Originated in the Italian Renaissance, ballet is considered to be the foundation of all type of dances. It has influenced the dancing world and has evolved to become a widespread and highly technical form of dance. Other dances, like hip-hop, have also emerged and became really popular. Born in the streets of New York City in the 1970s, hip-hop was a way for young African American to free themselves, make their voice heard and share their message…show more content…
Many also consider it as a sport because its physical benefits are undeniable. No matter of the dancer’s gender, dancing ballet increases flexibility, strength and muscular power and endurance. It also builds a better coordination, agility and balance. Furthermore, it is a great way to develop a body-awareness and an understanding of different body part’s purposes and capacities. As he was giving an interview before his fight against Evander Holyfield in November 1996, Mike Tyson was asked how he had trained in preparation for the night. That day, he revealed that the secret to his training method was regular ballet classes. He explained: “trust me, ballet is not an easy thing! It requires a strong sense of discipline and ridiculous strength.” Besides, it necessitates strong self-control. Dancers have to constantly be in full control of their body. They are demanded to achieve highly technical movements while making it look effortless. Ballet is a sport that puts numerous physical demands on a body. Performing a ballet involves as much energy as playing two full football games or running 18 miles. In conclusion, ballet can be resumed as a great workout or simply just a way to stay

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