Black Entertainment Television Stereotypes

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In the American society one can say that each ethnic group carries a general stereotype. As for the African American group there maybe a number of negative stereotypical beliefs. The media can sometimes be a platform that subliminally and blatantly displays many stereotypes that we either accept or deny as a society. In 1979, the Black Entertainment Television Network (BET) was founded. BET was the only one of its kind, being the main channel with material for the African American culture. Looking at the evolution of the network and its choice of programming, some may question if the network is the same avenue for African American entertainment anymore. Some may even believe that the networks content my misrepresent African Americans. Sending the wrong messages can effect others judgment of the African American culture. This issue is what stimulated my thoughts toward the station. Which helped me compose my research question, “Do the programs on the Black Entertainment Television further the exploitation of African Americans?” What happens when outside races are exposed to negative images of African Americans? Will they initially assume that…show more content…
Many spend time watching television to gain knowledge or for pure entertainment. Felecia G. Jones even considers “Black Entertainment Television as a representation of the black community” (“The Black Audience and the BET Channel”). While Melinda J. Messineo claims the BET network founders did not aim to be recognized as a point of cultural production (“Does Advertising on Black Entertainment Television Portray More Positive Gender Representation Compared to Broadcast Networks”). Both clearly state the networks specific role in television and society. According to Messineo (2008) the shift in target audience of networks can potentially change the sex roles on television either negatively or positively, conveying stereotypical
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