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Introduction Racial profiling is a topic that has elicited a heated reaction in the media and across the world due to the possibility of being misused in the name of the law. Racial profiling, by definition, is the identification and classification of individuals based on their country of origin or races. Although people from many European countries are not racially profiled, people are drawn from Africa and the Middle East, and other Asian countries are vehemently subjected to racial profiling, which has culminated in a range of problems in the United States and Canadian citizens and immigrants. Investigation of racial profiling is critical because it appears to be the root of locally-bred jihadists and other criminals. The United States…show more content…
Children tend to believe in what their adults tell them, especially those people that they are close to and interact with regularly. Consequently, children brought up in a set up where they regularly experience racial prejudice and racial profiling by law enforcement officers tend to develop a negative and vengeful attitude towards others. Hayle, Wortley, and Tanner assert that racial profiling tends to promote anti-social behaviors among children and adults that experience such segregation (330). Engel, Klahm, and Tillyer (295) connote that profiling deprives the victims of their rudimentary human rights, especially the right to respect and dignity. Higgins, Vito, and Grossi highlight a common incident that involves racially profiling individuals being regularly stopped and searched by police officers (166). In some cases, these individuals are subjected to inhumane searches, whereby officers of the opposite sex stop and search people from specific races in public more than they do to people drawn from the white and European background (Higgins, Vito, and Grossi 168). There have been many cases where law enforcement officers have publicly searched or frisked members of the opposite sex in their intimate body areas simply because they belong to a given racial background (Stephen 192). Such individuals feel humiliated and their dignity, self-worth, and self-esteem degraded. Moreover, these individuals feel powerless because these incidents happen in a foreign

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