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Victor Francque English III 2B Mr. Magnafici 7 September Theodor Seuss Geisel Thesis: Throughout his life Theodor Geisel had always shown his love for writing and drawing and eventually followed his dreams by helping America's youth to both learn and enjoy doing so through his books for years to come. Outline: I) Early life A) Childhood 1) German Ancestors 2) Father owned Brewery B) College 1) Darmouth College 2) Part of writing club a) got in trouble i) Told to stop extra curricular activities ii) Continued under pen name Dr. Seuss C) Advertising 1) Early magazines 2) Slow climb from lower to higher popularity/magazines II) World War II Era D) War books/plays 1) Wrote short books/plays for service men for entertainment a) Used for advertising and recruiting E) War cartoons 1) 400 drawn 2) Used to draw people to the war in a positive way a) Similar to books/plays more for civilians not soldiers F) Targeted people 1) Obvious targets like Hitler a) Some believe Yertle the Turtle based on Hitler 2) Sided with president 3) Also targeted unpopular politcal leaders a) Helped to draw in people…show more content…
Seuss Biography web). Although the book did not do well in sales it was the first brick laid in Geisel's road to being a children's author. After he finished working with Viking Press Geisel began to work on his first book, And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street. Once finished he began to attempt to have his book published. Sadly however his book was rejected twenty seven times before it was finally published and the legend of Dr. Seuss began. If Geisel would have given up before he was published he would never have achieved the fame, fortune, and success he did. This just goes to show us that no matter how many times someone tells a person they cannot, there's always a chance they

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