Port Ligat

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The Madonna of Port Ligat is a 19 ½ x 15 1/16 inch painting by Spanish painter Salvador Dalí. The painting was created in the year 1949. Although Dalí was a surrealist painter, meaning he painted images using his subconscious mind without the intention of logical comprehensibility, this painting seems to be inspired by Catholic Renaissance style. Dali specifically pulled inspiration from the renaissance painting, Madonna and Child with Angels and Six Saints by Piero della Francesca. The painting was even granted for approval and blessed by Pope Pius XII. The painting is permanently housed right here at Marquette University’s Haggerty Museum of Art. In my view, The Madonna of Port Ligat is a piece that shows christian beliefs such as salvation through Jesus Christ.…show more content…
Both Mary and have rectangular holes cut into their torsos. Mary looks to be dematerializing, her arms are detached from the rest of and head is to split down the center. Mary’s hands are clasped above Jesus head and her head held down as if she was praying. Mary’s clothes are ripped down. The focal point of the painting seems to be the infant Jesus who is placed in the center and is depicted holding a globe in one hand and a cross in another. Directly above their heads is an egg that hangs by a thread connecting it to a seashell . They are posed in a landscape of the coast of Port Lligat, Catalonia in the background. Everything in the image floats in mid air including objects in the background; nails, fish, seashells, and an

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