Insanity In One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest

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Insanity In this world, people deal with many impulsive illnesses such as: Bipolar disorder and being a Psychopath. According to the NIMH, (National Institute of Mental Health) more than 2 million american adults of the population age 18 and older in any given year, suffer from bipolar disorder (bipolar disorder 10). Hamlet and McMurphy both experience mental illnesses that cause them to go insane, and causes them to do many skeptic actions. In the tragic novel Hamlet, Hamlet suffers from bipolar disorder. His moods fluctuate very easily from him saying “Hello Beautiful” (Shakspeare 143) to Ophelia, to then saying, “I didn’t love you.” (Shakespeare 143). Hamlet's mood instantly changes, and it never remained the same. During this time, Hamlet shows signs of being suicidal, when he says, “AH, I wish my dirty flesh could melt away into a vapor, or that God had not made…show more content…
Towards the beginning of the book McMurphy says, “The court ruled that I’m a psychopath” (Kesey 13). Which proves that he must’ve been crazy if the court judiciously ruled him as a psychopath. He later on states that the court told him, “The guy fights too much and fucks too much” (Kesey 14). Throughout the book McMurphy is the powerhouse of the ward, he runs the institution, besides Nurse Ratched’s. She will do everything she can to get the better of McMurphy, and again does not recognize the danger that he’s in. He started to become dubious and thought to himself about all of the potential danger that is said to be around him, and was tenacious that he could beat the game. When McMurphy loses it and goes absolutely insane, he maliciously tries to strangle Nurse Ratched’s with the intention of killing her, but he does not succeed. He then gets sent to the hospital and comes back a different man, resulting with part of his brain gone and his spirits

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