Beowulf: A New Telling By Robert Nye

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“Inside each of us, there is the seed of both goodness and evil. It's a constant struggle as to which one will win. And one cannot exist without the other.” Eric Burdon. In the book Beowulf: A New Telling, by Robert Nye the epic heroic poetry takes you to a world where there are two groups of people: good and evil, no in between but since in every fairy tale good always overwhelms evil good will be the star of this paper, the two representatives of the tree of goodness is Beowulf, and Wiglaf. In the book, Nye describes good as a tall slender tree that is green with gold leaves: “The tree of goodness is a long slender tree”. Nye’s definition of good is doing something for the greater good or helping someone out even when it’s not required of that person. Since when you are a good person in your heart you will put others lives as your first priority then worry about yourself. The reason Beoulf, and Wiglaf are the representatives of the tree of goodness is because they show this when you read the book.…show more content…
When he defeats Grendel, and then defeats Grendel’s mother, when he defeats them he starts to talk but he does not shout or scream he talks to the monster in front of him as if they were normal human beings. The reason he does this is because even when it looks like darkness will overcome goodness good will come back out of the shadows and shine brighter than it ever has. Since he helps the people that are in times of trouble, or people that make mistakes that they will never be able to fix. He shows that he is a representative because of these

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