Life Almost Straight Analysis

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As a child turning one is great, however, turning 16 and getting a license is even better. Then turning 21 is for sure the best. Well, that what has been said anyway. A human is constantly learning and growing. Everyday is a new adventure. The human condition is the general way that humans live life. It includes all of the different characteristics. The theme “Life Almost Straight’ includes all six of the different characteristics: growth, emotionality, conflict, aspiration, and mortality. The ones t8hat will be highlighted will be growth, aspiration, conflict, and emotionality. Every graduate after high school takes a different path. Every one of them throughout their journey have to grow in every aspect. “College Should be an Adventure”…show more content…
When a human understands their own nature, they can avoid unnecessary conflict. Peanuts by Charles Schultz is an animated cartoon that shows charlie brown having conflict trusting his friend. Charlie is troubled with the idea of kicking a football that his friend has been telling him to kick. Charlie says, “ You say you’ll hold the ball, but you won't you’ll pull it away and i'll break my neck.” Charlie is a representation of the author Charles Schultz. Charles is having problems trusting in his faith. He expresses it through the way that Charlie is having trouble trusting that his friends will keep the ball still for him to keep it. When having conflict you either have to resolve it by failing and keep making the same mistake over again or choosing a different path and hoping for a different outcome. Peanuts by Charles Shultz shows us through animation how he dealt with the conflict in his life. How he kept doing the same thing over and over again trusting that his friend would not fail him in the end. Every Time there was trust Schultz was failing again.Charlie says, “She did it again!” . Lucy said “ I admire you Charlie Brown. You have so much trust in human nature.” She is trying to teach Charlie Brown that you have to learn that life is always going to challenge your first instinct, but Charlie needs to learn to trust himself.The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and hoping to have a different outcome. With conflict you have to make a change to have a different outcome. Conflict is a huge part of life. Conflict intervenes with many different things including family, friends, school and work. A human has to learn how to problem solve in order to find
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