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Introduction Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, named Hong Kong, similar to Cantonese pronunciation of incense and port. Hong Kong, therefore, means port of incense. Hong Kong as the Autonomous territories, located in the south-east of People’s Republic of China and occupied 2,755 km2 . English and Chinese are the official languages of Hong Kong. According to the 2016 Population By-census conducted by the Census and Statistic Department, among 7.34 million population, 92 percentage is Chinese, other ethnicities occupied 8 percentage and in the 8 percent, Filipinos and Indonesians are the majority. Chinglish refers to the Sinicized English usually found in pronunciation, lexicology and syntax, due to the linguistic transfer or "the…show more content…
Also because of the informality of Kongish, people tend to be more lenient to the mistakes in syntax and grammar. During the differentiation, users of Kongish address on the local identity by emphasizing the local uniqueness. Using Kongish by code-mixing, which mixing English and Chinese these two languages together and formed Kongish. For example, Kongish might form by direct translating or homonym from Cantonese to English like laugh die me which means nearly died laughing, add oil means keep it up. This translation ignores the English grammar but more rely on Cantonese grammar. Under this circumstances, only local people will understand the meaning behind the words but not the people whose mother language as…show more content…
Sometimes in our life, you may hear someone says “Why does she speaking english with the American accent?” with annoying voice. There is a newborn word called American Born Chinese (ABC), frankly speaking, especially in Hong Kong. The major think that ABC is a bad description and people who speak English in the American accent is kind of weird while others are speaking English with regional accent. In fact, people speak English with standard or local accent should be considered as a symbol who received good education. On one hand, even though American pop factors influence Hong Kong deeply, most people still hold the traditional idea of oral English and laugh at the excellent English speakers on informal

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