Compare And Contrast Electronic Books And Paper Books

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This can happen online or offline. Everyday someone does this. Do you know what it is yet? Well, it’s reading! Readers can either read online or offline and readers read everyday. Of course, there is a difference between paper and electronic books but still, they are books. Paper books and electronic books are similar and different in many ways including price, the time limit to read, and the availability of the book. The first thing we will talk about is paper books. There are many advantages to paper books compared to the electronic books. Things that may be different from paper books to electronic books can be the price, the time limit at which a reader can read, and the availability of the book. For paper books, they normally will be expensive. If a reader goes to a bookstore, a price of a book can be anything from ten or more dollars. Depending on where the books are, the stores at which the reader purchases the book can make the books either more expensive or less expensive.…show more content…
The only bad thing about a paper book is that if the reader does not have a light source the reader cannot read unless they are straining their eyes to read. Another thing about the time limit of the book that the reader can read is how long they can read. For example, if the reader reads on a Kindle the time that they can read is defined by how much battery they have on the device. Unlike a Kindle, if the reader has a paper book they don’t need to worry about charging their book, in order to keep

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