What Are The Advantages And Limitations Of Seatwave

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INTRODUCTION The present report describes its environment analysis and advantages and limitations of e business of seatwave. It also considers electronic security and legal issues of the company. Report explores the various communication modes of organization. It analyzes the important internet technologies and web languages which uses by firm. Research examines role of client server model, internet communication and social media of company. It reviews various types of E business models to get more advantages for organization. Report also studies the main aspect of web design structure and feature of hypertext markup language of association .It describes impact of well-designed website and issues of website usability of seatwave. TASK 1 Describe…show more content…
If Hackers and worm can manipulate or destroy the important data then firm will face many problem regarding information access and security of data. Seatwave has to install security protocols and latest equipment to eliminate data secrecy, integrity, and redundancy and authenticity issues. • Legislative issues- Company has to follow all legislative rules to overcome the issues. These include data protection, intellectual property rights, brand and trademark protection issues because Seatwave uses other product features and patent rights to earn benefits. For example Apple firm filed case against Samsung for stealing the patent rights of the company. Seatwave is thus required to take care of these issues. Identify various modes of communication which Seatwave can use There are many modes of communication and following modes are described. • EDI (Electronic data interchange) - EDI is exchange of data from one station to another station by standard format without any human interruption. Seatwave can use this facility to exchange the documents in multiple…show more content…
These packets are transferred by communication medium .It can be used by multiple continues communication sessions. Packet Switching can increase network efficiency and technological occurrence of applications working on entire network. These Packets contain (green, blue, red) header and payload. Header is used by hardware to route the message to its destination and payload consists original data that is used by application software. • TCP/IP (Transport control protocol / Internet protocol) - TCP/IP play important role in communication between two stations in seatwave, TCP/IP consists four layers. Application layer-This is first layer of TCP/IP. This layer consists applications and process. This process and application use the transport layer to transfer the data to destination computers. File Transport Protocol, Simple Mail Transport Protocol and Hyper Text Transport Protocol work under the application layer. Transport layer- This layer provides support between stations. There are many protocols which work under transport layer like Transport control protocol and User data-gram protocol. Former is used for reliable connection and later in case of unreliable

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