Recruitment Issues In Law Enforcement

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An Urgent Issue: Recruitment in the Law Enforcement Field As James Humes once stated, “the art of communication is the language of leadership” (Humes). Interacting with the public to inform them and spread knowledge about a certain topic is the ultimate way to lead towards the success of a specific area. Presently, the law enforcement is experiencing communication issues that are affecting the leadership within the field. Since not many individuals have a highly developed knowledge about the work area, not enough people are choosing to pursue a career in law enforcement which is causing an issue in the recruitment of officers. As a result of the low number of officers in the field, the retention of officers has become a problem, the safety…show more content…
Lunch With Cops is designed to be an activity that should be pursued by police departments across our county. The program follows the basic setup involving law enforcement officials attending schools during lunches in the way that the military branches do to inform students and harvest interest in their minds. The Lunch With Cops program is intended to be executed in middle schools and high schools for these levels of education are when students generally began to consider their future career choices. During their day of attendance at schools, officers can arrange an eye-catching display on their table which will attract the students. Once the students have been drawn to the table, the officers will be responsible for engaging the students in conversation and teaching them of the many characteristics of the field and the requirements to earn a position as a law enforcement officer. If the officers effectively educate the students about the law enforcement field and manage to reassure them that the career is worth pursuing, the kids will earn acquire an interest in the profession and consider seeking a position in the field. A second program that can be implemented to eliminate the recruitment and retention issue within the field is a Law Enforcement Career Fair for women. The program would serve to recruit more females into the field. A report from the Bureau of Justice Statistics informed that “In 2013, about 58,000 (12%) of the full-time sworn personnel in local police departments were female” (Reaves 4). Since the amount of women in the field is very small, there is an enormous opportunity to solve the recruitment issue if more females are hired. Law Enforcement Career Fairs for women would increase the percentage of female officers in the field

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