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Pursuit of Law Enforcement Career Elton Varner CMRJ201 Ray Walker May 18, 2014 Pursuit of Law Enforcement Career In the pursuit of a law enforcement career, there are many variables that play essential roles. Professionalism, ethics, and moral standards in the pursuit of a law enforcement career are all important. Many people aspire to work in law enforcement. Not all people are the right fit for law enforcement. Being in a community and seeing crime constantly rising, people may become interested in becoming a member of law enforcement. Working in law enforcement, people have to understand that working with professionalism, ethics, and moral standards are the priorities that are at the forefront. These traits are what the citizens use to evaluate members of law enforcement. Gaining the trust of the people in the community is dependent upon these variables as well. As a member of law enforcement, people want to be assured that one can be trusted to protect and serve. Professionalism is a trait that must be continuously illustrated in law enforcement.…show more content…
There are things that people consider to be ethical but others may consider it to be unethical. Ethics is being able to understand what is right and wrong. People grow up learning what is right and wrong. In law enforcement, ethics is at the forefront of priorities but doing what is right has to be done all the time. Although people may disagree with the decision of one who works in law enforcement, doing what is right is always the optimal decision. Making the right decision is governed by policies and procedures. Absolute and relative ethics are two types of ethics. In absolute ethics, something will be either good or bad. Many times this type of ethics may resort to unethical behaviors. In relative ethics, there may be a gray area which means what is considered ethical may be considered unethical by
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