Professionalism Law Enforcement

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Professionalism is very important in Law Enforcement. Law enforcement officers are professionals and they work in a occupational group whose main focus is providing a service that benefits the public. Morally correct policing starts with professional and tend to be very effective. Ethical officers who posses great, effective leadership skills are important when conducting law enforcement. The code of ethics, standards of behavior and a sense of duty are abide by professionals. Most officers are conducting law enforcement unsupervised and will have to make instant decisions. It is important for an officer conduct as a professional for this very reason. The international Association of Chiefs of Police(IACP) developed the Code of Ethics…show more content…
The Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies(CALEA) evaluate law enforcement agencies on the following standards, Agency roles & relationships, Organization, management, & administration, Personnel structure and processes, Operations, Operational support, Traffic management, Prisoner and court-related services and Auxiliary & technical services. Some law enforcement agencies seek accreditation through CALEA. Some characteristics of professions and professionalism are public service orientation, common goals and principles, a system for credentialing or licensing its members and a organization that hold high standards and the interest of the profession. A way an officer conducts themselves say a lot of their professionalism. An law enforcement agency can not teach their officers what to do in every situation because as we know, when conducting law enforcement, everyday there is something new you encounter. Law enforcement can train their officers how to think creatively, legally, morally and ethically. The concept of right and wrong and moral standards and values fall under ethics an officer should have. Values are fundamentals beliefs on which decisions and conduct are bases. There are many ethical problems in which arises in law enforcement. Some ethical problems are corruption, racial profiling, discrimination, violation of rights,
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