Police Chiefs Vs Sheriff Essay

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Police chiefs and sheriffs in the United States do have similarities, while there are notable differences and these similarities and differences are revealed, primarily, through their qualifications and selection methods, and duties, roles and responsibilities. Qualifications vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, as well as the methods by which chiefs of police are selected. However, sheriffs are selected in most locations via election, but there are jurisdictions where they are appointed (Peak, 2012). Chiefs may be selected from within or without an organization and the process may consist of an assessment center, selection board, or via the jurisdiction’s political leader’s appointment. In my agency, we have experienced most selection methods for our chiefs and have had chiefs selected from within our department and from across the nation. Generally, the qualifications for sheriff are limited to the…show more content…
As in my jurisdiction, the county police handle most law enforcement functions, while the sheriff’s office predominately addresses the county correctional facility, courts, civil actions and other duties. However, other agencies may be served by the sheriff, who is responsible for all the above and law enforcement functions. Typically, a chief of police must be adept at managing the effective delivery of law enforcement services, communicating organizational goals, working with the county or city management, budgeting, balancing community and media relations, and managing oversight of policy, criminal justice partner relations, all while motivating, supporting and leading personnel (Peak, 2012). Sheriffs may engage in the delivery of law enforcement duties, but will, in most cases, manage the budget, county corrections, civil duties, court security and warrant

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