Addiction Essay: Causes And Effects Of Drug Abuse

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1. INTRODUCTION Drug abuse is a huge social issue; it is when someone uses drugs for none-medical purposes. This report will, hopefully, make anyone who reads it more aware of the issue and help you or someone you know get help if this is happening in your life. 2. WHAT IS DRUG ABUSE Drug abuse is when someone uses any kind of drugs for a non-medical purpose, which overtime can lead addiction. The first time the person does drugs it is their choice but after becoming addicted they have no choice but to find more. 2.1 THE BRAIN AND ADDICTION When drugs enter the brain they mess with the way that it normally works, and this can, eventually, change how well you brain works altogether. Addiction is a devastating disease which causes the user to constantly try to find drugs, even knowing the negative effects. 3. WHO DOES IT AFFECT Drug abuse affects everyone and is often said to be a family disease. This means that everyone in the family is affected by just on member’s addiction, and without treatment it will only get worse. 3.1…show more content…
The kids also may be victims to bouts of rage, emotion, physical and even sexual abuse. As the children grow older they, too, are likely to become addicted to drugs, as the kids often follow in the path of drug abuse. 3.2 PARTNERS/SPOUSES OF ADDICTS The partner/spouse of an addict will go through stages- denial of the problem, the covering up of it, lying to others, overcompensating to make up for short comings and failures of the addict, and allowing the addict to continue their addictive behaviour. The partner or spouse may also be addicted which will cause huge dysfunction in the family, and will also cause lifelong problems for any children that they may have. 3.3 GENERAL HOUSEHOLD

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