Police Perception

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ABSTRACT This study was attempted to investigate the general public perception about police department and factors that influence them perception. Policing is a major controlling part of human life and is necessary for modifiable human behavior, controlling crime and protecting the citizens. The objectives of the study were to identify the major factors which influence police image in public. (2) To find out that misusing of power in police department impacts public views about Police. (3) Role of presence or absence of accountability in police department which affects people’s views about policeman. The study was conducted among 250 citizen of district Kasur using a five point likert scale structured questionnaire. The researcher used multistage…show more content…
According to the famous Roman political philosopher Marcus Tullius Cicero (106-43 BC), ―the safety of the people shall be the highest law. The nations that prospered, progressed and developed have given the highest priority to public order and safety (Khosa, 2015). Public trusts the police when they discharge their responsibilities, with equality, justice and determination. Public trust is the first step for police department to earning legitimacy from the citizens (Sunshine and Tyler, 2003). Police is a public institution and is distinguished in terms of legitimacy, structure and functions (Sarre, 2002). It is always recognized to be the helper of the nation (Alemika and Chukwuma, 2000). Like other departments corruption is dominated in police department and becoming the reason of many social ills and decreasing the trust of public. One wing of police department is responsible to deal with matters concerning road traffic and there is other wing which controls crimes, maintains law and order and other such matters. The society identifies them as custodians of law and order manager. However, the earlier studies showed that the police often have a clash with a large percentage of the population around the world (Alemika, 1999; Reiner, 2000; Alemika and Chukwuma, 2000). Crime rate can be controlled and reduced with the help of operative police system. When an institution is charged with dishonestly and don’t act with legally, then ultimately citizen bears. Around the world, especially in developing countries, corruption is being become dangerous problem. It is a vast action that almost disturbs every sector of the society. It is human nature to get more and more so because of this nature they hope and show greed. And sometime they choose illegal and immoral way to achieve their greedy desires. It

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