Importance Of Materialism

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Is the youth today not motivated at all, are they more materialistic? Or do adults perceive the moral weakness. Studies show that there is a gap that teens have which involves working hard and materialism. Recent high school graduates want to have nice things and money rather than a lifelong job and morals. The problem with today’s generation is that teens want to have nice luxurious things without the price of working hard for it. Twenge and Kasser drew from a nationally representative survey of 355,000 U.S. high school seniors conducted from 1976 to 2007. The survey examines the materialistic values of three generations with questions focused on the perceived importance of having a lot of money and material goods, as well as the willingness…show more content…
Teens live in an economy that is surrounded with materialism, so what else is there to do than be a part of this movement Parents give their children whatever they want based on the financial status, the concept of earning is out the question, because they don’t want their child not have, they want them to feel loved which is completely understandable. But when children are spoiled they are unable to understand the concept of boundaries such as the importance of not spending, gambling, overeating and drinking. Children made in this household are unmotivated, and lazy. When raising these children parents always get unfortunate results when they partake in this trend, with behavioral…show more content…
Giving teens rewards for nothing can make them very dependent on others. Dependent people have problems making decisions without advice and guidance. They need others to assume responsibility for many major areas of life. But what Society needs to know is that Materialism penetrates American culture, and harms happiness and quality of life. Materialism is a value, and there is no problem as long as it remains in balance with other values like family, friendship, spirituality, health and the outdoors. Parents can prevent materialism by limiting television, and preventing excessive scrolling through social media newsfeed. When escaping Materialism it’s now up to the parents to keep materialism from moving along in their children’s

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