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Self-healing materials are no more an illusion and we are not far away from the days when manmade materials can restore their structural integrity in case of a failure. For example, the cracks in buildings can close on their own or the scratches on car bodies can recover their original shiny appearance by itself. Indeed, this is what everyone can see in case of the natural healing of wounds and cuts in living species. In the case of structural materials the long-time degradation process leads to microcracks that causes a failure. Thus, repairing is indispensable to enhance reliability and lifetime of materials. Definition of Self-healing: Self-healing can be defined as the ability of a material to heal (recover/repair) damages automatically and autonomously, that is, without any external intervention. Many common terms such as self-repairing, autonomic-healing, and autonomic-repairing are used to define such a property in materials. Incorporation of self-healing properties in manmade materials very…show more content…
The different strategies of designing self-healing materials are: o Release of healing agent: Liquid active agents such as monomers, dyes, catalysts and hardeners containing microcapsules, hollow fibers, or channels are embedded into polymeric systems during its manufacturing stage. In the case of a crack, these reservoirs are ruptured and the reactive agents are poured into the cracks by capillary force where it solidifies in the presence of predispersed catalysts and heals the crack. The propagation of cracks is the major driving force of this process. On the other hand, it requires the stress from the crack to be relieved, which is a major drawback of this process. As this process does not need a manual or external intervention, it is autonomic. There are different possibilities being the main

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