Computer In The 19th Century

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During the middle decades of the 19th century, it was a time of extraordinary invention and engineering ambition. Communication, science, architecture, and manufacture were in a state of dynamic change. Inventors exploited new ideas and materials, and it was a time of on going innovation and invention. One invention that was remarkable was the computer; computers have such become an integral part in the21st century that we can’t imagine what would it be like if computers haven’t exploited as an invention. Wooden abacus laid basis for the computers long time back. It’s interesting how new inventions like the computer developed, back from 3000 B.C. the abacus, which was a simple calculating tool introduced in China, people back then…show more content…
During the 1945 and 1950’s it was a time of the early days for computer technology and the first public test of a computer. For example, The ENIAC had it’s first public debut on election night on CBS television, even though the programmers found it surprising the computers had a difficult replacing humans and had a malfunction. But, as a result, it was the errors that made inventors create a better invention of computer technology, and research went into the idea of creating smaller transistors. Then from the late 1950’s, the engineers realized there was no need for transistors, and the idea about integrated circuits started to develop. In Revolutions in Communications the author quotes, “By 1971, Intel’s first commercial chip-the 4004- used four bit processing, and it contained the equivalent of 2300 transistors and ran at 0.092 MIPS at 2.25 MHz” (Kovarik, 360). The gains in creating the world better became a huge goal, Douglas Engelbart thought computers had the sources and potential to change the world better, even though computing can be harmful idea during the 19th century. Engelbart represented a plan to expand network and interactivity with computers, and the start of orient programming start to emerge. With many exhilaration surrounding the invention of computers many universities and organizations started to take a part; during the 1970’s at Stanford, Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs became computer enthusiasts and started to also share ideas and launched Apple computers. This was a beginning of a whole new era of creating a visible calculator that can help business run the numbers for weekly payrolls. Personal computers started to develop, and became a key to market success, Apple definitely dominated the 21st century, “Steve Jobs, and the

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