Aung San Suu Kyi Leadership

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Over the years Suu Kyi has become an icon embodying democracy and freedom. As a leader, she ran her struggle for Burmese independence entirely on the Buddhist creed of non-violence and freedom from fear. In fact, her moral authority only grew stronger with her personal suffering and sacrifice. Though Suu Kyi herself came from a well-reputed family in Burma owing to her father’s involvement with the politics and army at the time, if one looks at Suu Kyi’s life, it is fraught with difficulties that crystallized as a result of her decision to lead the revolution in her country. She left a comfortable life abroad and motivated herself to fight for the cause of the oppressed under the military rule. Thus, Suu Kyi herself might not be characterised as “Devi” but her leadership emanated from the cause of millions of “devis” in her country whose freedoms had been repressed and poverty defined every day of their lives. Consequently, some of the highest honours including the Nobel Peace Prize…show more content…
In fact, her early years indicated that she had little interest in leading a political life. However, she was aware of politics as a discipline owing to her upbringing. Her father General Aug San and her mother Daw Suu Kyi were both deeply involved in the political sphere. One may even speculate that General Aug San’s assassination at such an early stage in Suu Kyi’s life could have possibly made her aware of the importance and influence of political engagement in her own life. However, her mother’s transfer to India as the ambassador in her formative years was possibly one of the most defining moments for Suu Kyi where she realised her passion for politics. It was here that she deeply delved into the teachings of the Mahatma, got inspired by them and was able to correlate the events with those in her own country. In the following years, she displayed certain traits that were so resilient that could only be attributed to her innate

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