The Pros And Cons Of Plagiarism

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Its traditional that all articles on plagiarism start with a definition. The Oxford dictionary defines it as In other words it is theft. In the words of Joseph Buckwalter, it is an assault on the integrity of scientific research. Plagiarising another individual’s work is theft and plagiarizing one’s own work is deception.(1) Plagiarism is an evil that has taken the academic world by storm. No, not just the academic world, it has affected us in ways we do not see. Whether it be plagiarism of academic content and research papers or plagiarism of movie scripts or soundtracks, it exists and is very much part of our lives. A recent post in the New York Times exposed a US Senator of plagiarising his thesis. costing him his degree.(2) The senator named has gone on record to apologise for his misconduct. The news media constantly cites incidents of plagiarism in the music and film industry, well known composers in Indian popular film music have been known to be INSPIRED by tunes from western music. Inspiration indeed, imitation is certainly not the sincerest form of flattery in all instances. It’s far more…show more content…
Most of the time it is the easy way out It could be the fear of writing in an unfamiliar language, a handicap in being able to summarize findings from another paper in one’s own words. It may be a lack of reasoning and ability to critically analyze the data being quoted. At times, it is plain carelessness and laziness. One must not forget the huge pressures on academics to publish to further their careers and their ambitions. Ignorance is a poor excuse for plagiarism. The roots lie in the way we train the younger generation. We need to encourage originality. The presence of the internet and the wide accessibility of ready to use knowledge of all types makes “copy and paste” a rampant evil with far reaching consequences. The indiscriminate reproduction of the printed word without adequate citation is an insult to the academic

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