Pleasant Valley Memorial Hospital Case Summary

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Background Statement: Pleasant Valley Memorial hospital is experiencing unethical behavior among its nursing staff. Nursing manager Susan is the nursing manager for the intensive care unit (NICU). Repeatedly, Susan has witnessed NICU nurses allowing their personal beliefs to influence behavioral work norms and patient care. Dedicated nurses such as Nurse Pamela refuse to handle certain patients with disagreeing lifestyle than hers. Other nurses have mistreated a 16-year-old father of a baby under their care by ignoring his requests and overlooking his need to obtain information about his child. His physical appearance- is hip-hop style clothing, body tattoos and hair dreadlooks. Hispanic nurses are only assigned to Hispanic patients and…show more content…
She informs nurse Pamela that she cannot reassign patients because she disagrees with lifestyle. With Nurse Karen she told her she should let her opinions get in the way of doing her job. Karen agreed and took excellent care of baby. Susan investigated the accusations of the young father and found those statements to be true. Susan confront the four charge nurses who were assigning the Hispanic nurses to Hispanic patients and found out they supported the practice because it cut the cost or anxiety of securing a translator. Susan has considered actions such as Customer Satisfaction Program, or a cultural competency workshop. Susan desires to bring all of these concerns to the nursing…show more content…
When nurses understand cultural competence and treat patients with respect, patient outcomes are more favorable and quality of patient care is improved (“Culturally”, 2015). In addition, the inability to detect unethical practices is leading to poor hiring practices. Within 10 years, black Caribbean Island nurses are the primary hires. Various ethnic group should be present to reflect the population in which the hospital services. Discrimination, disrespect of patient customs and values, and professional misconduct are all catalyst for

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