The Importance Of Community College

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College or a money pit? Many can argue that college is an overpriced privilege of those who come from privileged families. Among the arguments of price and trust are arguments of quality and educational priority. College is a stepping stone that many have a hard time being able to experience. With the rising prices of a secondary education in America some are critically thinking about whether the education they will be getting for thousands of dollars every year is truly worth it for the jobs that say a formal education is necessary. The American dream of a full and complete education is just that in today’s world, a dream and the continual rise if the price of college is prohibiting people from gaining their higher education. Many students…show more content…
Addison says the philosophy of community college is to “unconditionally allow its students to begin” (Addison 212) and continues to say that the community college experience is much more critical to the nation than the previous forms of education (Addison 213). Addison labels community college as “America’s hidden public service gem” (Addison 213). In a time when money is short and the availability of college is less and less community college is a cheaper and more readily available option. Addison continues to say that the community college experience is arguably equal to in every way, the four year university experience. Community college offers a network of affordable and accessible futures (Addison 214). Many struggling students with many backgrounds would probably never step foot on a college campus nor would they get a single taste of a college education if it were not for the readily available community college. Community college is for the everyday person in pursuit of education and their dreams. Another option in our readings was for-profit colleges such as the University of Phoenix (Carey 216). Phoenix alone gained $1-billion from the Pell Grant from the federal government and $4-billion from federal loans (216). For- profit…show more content…
While student loan workers are supposed to be helping they are hurting students by letting them walk away with more money than they need for their education that they will not be able to pay off easily if at all. Robin Wilson interviewed Ms. Horn who has taken responsibility for paying off her college debt (Wilson 263). Ms. Horn took out $80,000 in undergraduate student loans (263). She did not anticipate she would come across the situation in which she is between jobs and can no longer afford the six hundred and fifty dollar a month payment. In being lent so much money she did not need all of the money to achieve her educational degree but because she wanted to go away to college she took out as much money as she could and left her Texas home. She herself says that she is unsure anyone should lend college students so much money (Wilson 263). If those handling the student loans would be honest and helpful so that students are not taking out too much money than those who are working towards a big university or even a community college have the ability to do so without the debt they will carry with them otherwise. Students also need to accept the options that they have. Community college is a great option and, quit honestly the best option, in which they can achieve the education they need while being

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