What Is An Unfortunate Person Essay

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Have you ever wondered how unfortunate things have turned out for you, or how you have never won any lottery you participated in. I recently read of a bread seller whose life turned into a tale of success overnight. Your conclusion to these mysteries might be that “I am an unfortunate person and she was simply fortunate to be there.” My assertion, however is that we always have a bit of luck with us, but not all of us see opportunities when they come knocking. It is also possible that your time is not here yet. Still, your time will certainly come, but are you prepared to take it? Perhaps we should start from our genesis as humans. Think about all those millions of sperm that had to compete with you, yet you made it through. Will you now address that as an unfortunate incident? Definitely not. Right from your childhood till date, you have endured all the odds that came your way. Some people may nevertheless experience some doubt like “My parents are miserable! I have some disabilities… blah blah blah". These are normal phenomena of life, just like the popular quote, ‘The rich also cry.’ The Yorubas will also say ‘Eni to L'ori, o ni fila.’ Which means ‘Someone who has a head on his shoulder is without a cap while the headless one, in possession of a cap, has no use for it’ In other words, different…show more content…
For instance, if you are born poor, then think of great people who have made it out of that situation, ask questions like “How did they manage to overcome their unfortunate circumstances?” Read books that will lift up your spirit. Oprah Winfrey was born poor and she is said to be currently the richest African American of the 20th century. Your situation can never be a peculiar one. A lot of people have survived your situation and defeated it. Some may not have realized their God-given potential and as a result died with their confused circumstances but do not die with
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