Wife Of Bath Analysis

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In this essay is about the relevance of today’s marriage to the wife of bath’s view. The wife of bath is a story that in the whole plot a woman with no name as the wife of bath. She is a wealthy and elegant woman from Bath which has been married for five times. She has traveled to many places with a sense of the experience of seeing the world, and fully experience in both: love and sex. First, from the story when everyone judging her about the times of her marriage the wife of Bath cited King Solomon which has many wives so why can’t women be the same in order to defend her position. And she thinks she cannot see anything immoral in it. Then when she talks about her five husbands which she categorized them as “good” and “bad”. The first three were good which as they were old and wealthy, in these three marriages she thinks that she takes full control over them by charging them some ridiculous claim until they feel guilty and gave her what she wants. Also, the wife of bath is eager for sex and she thinks that god give women their sexual desires and she knows that men have strong sexual desires too. So she uses sex to be a tool to control her three husbands in order to get what she wants. And for the “bad” ones, her fourth husband she tries to gain control of him but he died and the fifth one - Jankyn which is a wife beater and much harder to control compared to the previous husbands. According to the background of medieval women…show more content…
The view of the wife of bath is much relevant to the view in this modern society, about all the things she did is mostly want to control over her husband in a marriage. Which someone who cannot be controlled would be a challenge, a female is likely to give what men desire. As for her, she is a selfish, immoral and power hungry person. No one can justify her even in this modern society
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