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Specific purpose: to inform my audience about how the early life affected Martin Luther King’s choice regarding civil rights movement. Central Ideas: the parents, education, social life, and segregation in the south lead martin Luther King to go into the civil rights movement Introduction: I. The civil right movements provided our world with the most noble and people who sacrificed their lives in order to turn their countries from a dark sink to an oasis of freedom and harmony. Many people like Gandhi, Malcom X and Nelson Mandela went to prison , suffered for years ,and was tortured for the sake of the future of their children, there people, and their country. Those people became immortal in our minds and our conscious. II. Many people now…show more content…
Many laws at that time were made in order to give the superiority to the white men. In the south, African Americans were obliged to give up their seats if a white man did not find a place to sit. In addition, children were sent to different public schools and were given different benches to sit on. Martin Luther King grew in such environment were his family would not be allowed to enter certain shops, theaters, cinemas, and restaurants. Many parents would not allow their children to play with little Martin just because he was an African…show more content…
She was born to reverend Adam Daniel Williams and Jennie Williams. She entered high school at Spelman’s seminary. Then she earned a teaching degree from Hampton normal and industrial institute, and taught for some time until she got married to martin Luther king senior. Later she became a lead coir singer in the church . Alberta had deep impact on her son where she was soft and lenient to him opposite to her husband who was harsh to him. Martin Luther described his mother as ”behind the scene setting forth those motherly cares, the lack of which leaves a missing link in life” and as “the best mom ever”. However, she regretted her support later when her son died because of this movement. She was also assassinated in 1974, during playing organ in the

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