John Dickerson's Don T Fear Twitter

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John Dickerson’s “Don’t Fear Twitter” first appeared in the summer 2008 issue of Nieman Reports. In his essay, he argues that Twitter, a popular social media website, can be a useful outlet for journalists to provide little spurts of their writings. I chose to analyze Dickerson’s entry for the reason that it’s an intriguing topic for young adults similar to myself, since the younger generation is always trying to find different ways to view and use social media outlets. I also found his choice of argument rather interesting because others might argue that Twitter should strictly be utilized for entertainment purposes. As my purpose of analyzing Dickerson’s writing is to determine the persuasiveness of it, I found myself feeling that it was very persuasive.…show more content…
Instead, he suggests that journalists should take advantage of the character limit Twitter puts on its users’ posts. He states, “Twitter doesn’t threaten the traditions of our craft. It adds, rather than subtracts, from what we do” (Dickerson). The claim he makes could be taken as one of fact. However, I believe the claim he makes is one of value because he provides a number of reasons why he thinks Twitter could support the art of journalism. Though he does admit in the last paragraph of his entry that Twitter users shouldn’t try to make it do more than it can, Dickerson continues to support his argument throughout the entire

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