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The topic I read dealt with environmentalism, specifically overpopulation. I agree with the pro articles that believe overpopulation is in fact a real problem. The con article I summarized was Population Is Not The Problem. The author stated that overpopulation is not real because humans, for centuries, have learned to adapt and change. That humans know how to adapt to the change in population and know how to live and create in a changing environment. As the years go by, humans have adapted through them, so basically, if we can adapt through all those years of population change, than we can deal with and get through this population gain. The author also believes that there is no real "maximum capacity" for this planet. Now, let…show more content…
This is a result of humans not caring for this planet. This makes it clearly obvious that overpopulation is real. More humans result in more trees being cleared for housing developments and less habitat for wildlife, more natural resources being used, more items being used in the buy, throwaway cycle where more things are being used and then discarded in a non-environmentally friendly way. This results in a never ending cycle, and soon, all those irreplaceable natural resources and and plant/animal species will be no more. This earth can just simply not sustain all of this and have time to replenish and heal. Humans are destroying this earth 1000x faster than scientist expected it to naturally happen. Our oceans, forests, rivers, bays, and much more natural habitats are dying and flooded with trash and pollution. So many important plant and animal species are now gone because of it and it is only getting worse. We need to halt all these issues and make change now before it is too late. We need to remember that without trees, water, animals, plants, basically everything natural on this earth, we would not be

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