The New Jim Crow Analysis

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To what extent does the Michelle alexander use persuasion in order to show similarity between the Jim Crow and the new American justice system? The new American justice system was believed to be a refined version of the previous Jim crow that promised equality and liberty to all races. The term “Jim crow” refers to the practice of segregating people in the Us The New Jim Crow was published during the year 2010, it is a book written by Michelle alexander, a credible well known American rights litigator and legal scholar and is best known for this book (The New Jim Crow). She is a professor of law at Ohio state university Mortez college of law and a civil rights advocate. Through her book, she acknowledges and discusses race-related issues…show more content…
Through her brief description of the current justice system.Michelle Alexander believed that the Jim Crow and slavery were both caste systems and relates it back to the American system of mass incarceration. She believed that the system of mass incarceration and the Jim Crow shared similar characteristics that of which used discrimination to target a certain racial group of low social well being Alexander attempts to emotionally persuade readers that there is indeed a new caste system in the united states of America and that of which strives to cause discrimination and corruption among communities, Alexander continues to liken both Jim crow and mass incarcerations to one another “both very similar to one another” as she believes that the system of mass incarcerations is a similar caste system to the Jim crow through the way it focuses on discriminating certain individuals in society, based on color, beliefs and race. She stresses that “The nature of the criminal justice system has changed. It is no longer primarily concerned with the prevention and punishment of crime, but rather with the management and control of the dispossessed.” Alexander feels as if the African American Community is constantly being discriminated due to the changes in the criminal justice

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